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Strategos Training at A Glance

Our Standard Topics

These are our standard topics. They may be customized to suit your needs.

   Recommended Attendees

    Optional Attendees

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Introduction & Principles

Lean Intro & Simulation 1 n/a
Lean Orientation 0.5 n/a


Lean Assessment 2 2-4
Mfg Strategy—Introduction 1 1-2
Mfg Strategy—Workshop Var Var
Lean Executive Leadership 2 1-3

Five S & Visual Control

5S Work Team Mini-Kaizen
1 n/a
Complete 5S-I Kaizen 2 n/a
5S-II Advanced Kaizen 3 n/a
5S Office Mini-Kaizen 1 n/a

Human Aspects

Team Building for Work Teams 1 n/a
Team Leadership 2 n/a
Creating Lean Culture 1 1-3
Lean Executive Leadership 2 2-4

The Lean Office

Lean Office Kaizen 2 n/a

Facilities & Workcells

Workcell Design 2 2-4
Workcell Kaizen Event 5 n/a
Plant Layout & Facilities 3 9
Lean Warehouse 2 2-4

Processes, Mapping & VSM

Value Stream/Process Maps 2 2-4
Quick & Easy Kaizen 0.5 1


Lean Suppliers & Ext. VSM 3 9


Kanban System Design 2 2-4
Strategic Scheduling 2 2-4
Setup Kaizen Event (SMED) 2-3 n/a
Cycle Counting & Accuracy 1 1-2

Quality & Six Sigma

Common Sense SPC 1 1-2
A3 Problem Solving & RCA 2 2-4
Managerial Problem Solving 2 2-4

Maintenance & TPM

Total Productive Maintenance 1 1-2

Lean Workshop-Indonesia

Mr. Lee assists a team that is working through a Value Stream Mapping exercise. We try to minimize lecture and maximize applications in our seminars. ---Jakarta, Indonesia

Facility Planning & Plant Layout

Team discusses their site plan for a new plant in China. A five-day facility planning workshop was combined with a kaizen event.  ---Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

Lean Simulation

Lean Orientation

Worker Orientation Factory workers get final instructions from Brian Rhodes before starting their Lean Simulation. This was part of a major change to cellular manufacturing. --Texarkana, Texas, USA.

SMED & Setup Reduction Kaizen
SMED Kaizen

Printing press operator practices the SMED procedures worked out by his team. Setup time was reduced by over 50% in a one-day session. --Merced, California, USA.

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Value Stream & Process Mapping

The Strategos Guide To Value Stream and Process Mapping goes  beyond symbols and arrows. In over 163 pages it tells the reader how to do it and what to do with it.

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