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5S Workshop & Mini-Kaizen

5S for Work Teams

Stage I Seminar & Mini-Kaizen Event

Kaizen Kanji

In this program, work teams learn the principles of Five-S and put them into practice in their own workspace. This program combines classroom training with a mini Kaizen Event to make the transition from classroom to practice. 

The program is a great start for individual teams. While the time allowed is very short, it is surprising how much gets accomplished with an experienced Strategos facilitator and a bias for action.

Program Summary

Format Onsite Workshop Who Should Attend?
Time 1-Day

Work Teams

Support Personnel

Cost $3600 (Includes Travel)
Participants 5-50
Next Step Call us at 816-931-1414
Seminar Timeline

Work groups attend training together and then plan their first implementation as teams. The afternoon is spent on the first three S'.

Participants Will Learn...

  • How 5S improves the workplace. 

  • Why 5S makes for easier tasks. 

  • How to sort out the junk and avoid the "packrat" syndrome. 

  • Using the Red Tags to eliminate junk. 

  • Finding the optimum location for each item. 

  • About standardizing work to avoid errors.

  • "How clean is clean?" and why Mother was right. 

  • How to evaluate a workplace. 

  • Photos and Mapping For Efficiency 

  • How to keep from backsliding.

Program Outline

1. Introduction 5S and Visual Control

What It Is (and what it isn't) 

Benefits of Implementing 5S 

Purpose & Origins of 5S 

2. The 5S' Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize & Sustain 


The 3 Basic Categories

Red-Green-Yellow Tags


Examples - Before and After 

Some Techniques to Use 


Location, Boundaries & Recoil 

3. Visual Control What Is Visual Control? 

Signs, Signals, Controls and when to use each.

Visual Control Video

4.0 Into Practice

Planning The Kaizen Event

Re-Organizing The Workplace

Report on Results

5.0 Planning The Next Steps

Developing Your Project List

Setting Up The Daily & Weekly Schedules

7.0 Summary & Close


Warehouse Team

This warehouse team has just completed their first 5S effort.


Team Organizes Stock

Clear labels and dedicated locations eill enable kanban.


Stock Area Before

Note that part numbers, parts and quantities are not visible.


Presenting The Results

Shop floor teams demonstrate unexpected presentation skills under proper guidance.


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