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Common Sense Statistical Process Control

Common Sense Statistical Process Control

Applied Basic SPC

This practical, hands-on workshop gives every employee the skills necessary to monitor their own quality and participate in Six Sigma and TQM efforts. 

The seminar takes a common-sense approach that applies to assembly and administrative as well as machining and process operations. It provides a common language and approach for discussion of process issues and process improvement.

Program Summary

Format Onsite Workshop Online Who Should Attend?
Time 1-Day 1-2 Wks Engineers
All Employees
Cost $3600 (Includes Travel) $2600
Participants 5-50 5-20
Next Step Call us at 816-931-1414

Participants Will Learn...


  • How SPC & Six Sigma can prevent errors before they occur.

  • How assemblers in a window factory reduced their defect rate by 95% using attribute charts.

Variation & Process Capability

  • The nature of variation -- why no two things are, ever, exactly alike.

  • The difference between Control and Specification Limits and how their relationship determines process quality.

  • How to distinguish Inherent Variation from Assignable Variation.

Attributes & Variables

  • How to use Attributes and Variables to measure the control of ANY process.

Variable Control Charts

  • To use simple run charts for easy monitoring.

  • How to plot X-BAR-R charts and interpret them for improved control.

  • Five signs of an out-of-control process and what to do when these signs appear.

  • Why a process may be out of control but still produce acceptable quality.

Attribute Control Charts

  • To use attribute charts for difficult-to-measure features.

  • Five types of Attribute charts and how to select the most appropriate chart.

When, What & Why To Chart

  • How to know what to chart, when to chart and when charting is no longer necessary.

Program Outline

1. Introduction

What is Statistical Process Control?

What is Six Sigma?

2. Variation & Process Capability

Grass Measuring (Exercise)

The Normal Curve

Control & Specification Limits

Inherent & Assignable Variation

Attributes & Variables

3. Variable Control Charts

Run Charts

Shewart Charts (X-Bar-R) (Exercise)

Signs of an out-of-control process (Exercise)

4. Interpreting Control Charts

Normal Patterns

Trends, cycles & Timing

Interpretation Exercise

5. Attribute Control Charts

P-Charts (Exercise)


NP Charts (Exercise)

C & U Charts

6. What To Chart

Which Processes & Parameters To Chart?

Determining Critical Variables

When To Stop Charting (Exercise)

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

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