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Cellular Manufacturing & Workcell Design

Cellular Manufacturing & Workcell Design

A Step-by-Step Approach

This workshop features a step-by-step approach that that explains what to do and when to do it. The approach applies to virtually any situation and derives from Mr. Lee's book, "Facility Planning And Workplace Design." Beneath their deceptive simplicity, workcells are sophisticated Socio/Bio/Technical systems. They require careful, fundamental design not imitation or slogans. 

Your learning team will find this workshop practical, experiential and participative as they work through exercises that culminate in a complete workcell design. We can often adapt it to use your own products and processes. 

Program Summary

Format Onsite Workshop Online Who Should Attend?
Time 2-Day 2-4 Wks Managers   Industrial Engineers   Manufacturing Engineers   Facility Planners   Production Supervisors   Production Schedulers
Cost $5700 (Includes Travel) $4700
Participants 5-25 5-20
Next Step Call us at 816-931-1414

Participants Will Learn...

Organizing The Project
  • A structured approach based on fundamentals rather than imitation and slogans.

  • Four steps to workcell design...proven effective in companies worldwide.

  • How to handle emotional, political, and organizational issues.

Selecting The Product Families
  • Three techniques to identify Product Families:

  • Intuitive Grouping

  • Production Flow Analysis

  • Classification & Coding.

Engineer The Process
  • How Process Charts streamline workflow.

  • How to establish TAKT time, process time, and setup time.

  • How to determine the right number of people.

  • What equipment and how much utilization to expect.

  • Develop The Infrastructure

  • How to balance work for equipment and people.

  • Six methods of production control and which to use.

  • How to design a Kanban system for your cell.

  • Integrating workcells with MRP.

  • How to guide teams to maturity.

  • How to ensure quality in the workcell.
Layout The Workcell
  • Why the cell layout is NOT the first task.

  • Four layout styles and when to use each.
Implement Your Workcell Design
  • Pros & Cons of a Kaizen Blitz.

  • How to ensure a smooth startup.

Program Outline

1.0 What Is Cellular Manufacturing?

Why Cells Are So Effective

Cell Design Procedures

2. Selecting The Products

Finding Part Families

Group Technology

Dedicated Vs. GT Cells

3. Engineering The Process

Process Charting

Estimating Times

Calculating Cell Capacity

How Many People & Machines?

4. Defining Infrastructure


Material Handling & Containers

Balancing The Work


Compensation & Rewards

5. Layout of The Cell

Cell Configurations

Layout Procedures

6. Selecting The Best Option

PNI Analysis

Weighted Factor Evaluation

Calculating Improvements

7. Teams & Workcells

Why Teamwork Is Essential

What Teams Need

8. Implementation

Implement Fast or Slow?

Kaizen Events

Planning The Workcell

Planning The Workcell

Layout the workcell

Arranging the Workcell

cell layout

Typical Assembly Cell

workcell balance

Balancing the Work

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

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