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The Lean Office

The Lean Office

Migrating Lean to Administrative & Office Operations

This active program translates the techniques and benefits of Lean Manufacturing into the Lean Office. The benefits in office, administrative and service environments are often greater than in the factory. Moreover, they frequently are easier to implement.

Exercises and examples from our work in administrative and office and service operations illustrate both general  concepts and specific practices. We can pair this program with a subsequent Kaizen Event to immediately bring the principles to life and streamline workflow in your business.

Format Live Onsite Who Should Attend
Time 2-Day

Office Workers


Industrial Engineers

Cost $5500 (Includes Travel)
Participants 5-40
Next Step Call us at816-931-1414

Participants Will Learn...

  • Where and how Lean concepts can apply to office and service areas.

  • How the Lean Office cuts cost, improves service and reduces errors.

  • About the basic elements of Lean Office and how they work together in an integrated operations strategy that supports marketing strategies.

  • How to develop office workcells that target specific customers or market segments with a complete set of skills.

  • How 5S improves efficiency at the micro-level and increases morale.

  • To use Process Charts and Value Stream Maps to visualize and streamline processes.

  • How technology can work with other elements of lean to improve performance and quality and about the dangers of technology.

  • How to apply mapping techniques to the fictional company, Midwest Finance.

  • From actual experience the effects of Lean.

  • To apply the tools and techniques to a process from their own operation.

  • Why Lean Office involves both people and technology

  • How to build a culture that enables Lean Operations.

  • How to develop a Lean Office strategy specifically for their operation.

  • How to design realistic implementation plans and then carry them forward to success.  

Program Outline

1.0 Introduction

What Are Lean Operations?

Where Does Lean Apply

The Benefits of Lean

Time As A Competitive Weapon

2.0 Midwest Finance Corporation

The MFC Situation

Simulating The Original Configuration

3.0 The Basic Elements Of Lean Office

Cellular Operations

Work Teams & Participation


Total Quality Management/Six Sigma

Value Stream & Process Mapping

4.0 Further Hints & How-To's

Specific Hints

The Role of Technology

Non-Repetitive Operations

5.0 Re-Engineering MWC

Case Study & Exercise

Re-Engineering Midwest Finance

Simulating The New Configuration

What Have We Learned?

6.0 Reengineering A Process of Your Own

Data Analysis

Mapping The Current State

Developing A Future State Map

7.0 A Culture for Lean Operations

Socio-Technical Systems

The Role of Teams & How Teams Develop

Building A Team-Based Culture

8.0 Implementing Lean

Lean Manufacturing Video

The Phases of Lean

Developing Your Lean Strategy

Implementation Planning


Lean Office Participants

These participants were part of a Lean Office Seminar in Trinidad & Tobago.

Office Workcell

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Value Stream & Process Mapping

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