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Strategos Training at A Glance

Our Standard Topics

These are our standard topics. Most programs may be customized to suit your needs.

   Recommended Attendees

    Optional Attendees

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Who Should Attend?

Training Formats ;When To Train Who Should be Trained

Introduction & Principles

Lean Intro & Simulation

1 n/a

Lean Orientation

0.5 n/a


Lean Assessment 2 2-4
Mfg Strategy—Introduction 1 1-2
Strategy—Workshop(TBD) Var Var
Executive Leadership for Lean 2 1-3

Five S & Visual Control

5S Work Team Mini-Kaizen
1 n/a
Complete 5S-I Kaizen 2 n/a
5S-II Advanced Kaizen 3 n/a
5S Office Mini-Kaizen 1 n/a

Human Aspects

Team Building for Work Teams 1n/a
Team Leadership 2 n/a
Creating Lean Culture 1 1-3
Executive Leadership for Lean 22-4

The Lean Office

Lean Office Kaizen 2 n/a

Facilities & Workcells

Workcell Design 2 2-4
Workcell Kaizen Event 5 n/a
Plant Layout & Facilities 3 9
Lean Warehouse 2 2-4

Processes, Mapping & VSM

Value Stream & Process Maps 2 2-4
Quick & Easy Kaizen 0.5 1


Lean Suppliers & Extended VSM 3 9

Scheduling, Inventory & SMED

Kanban System Design 2 2-4
Strategic Scheduling 2 2-4
Setup Reduction Kaizen (SMED) 2-3 n/a
Cycle Counting & Accuracy 1 1-2

Quality & Six Sigma

Common Sense SPC 1 1-2
A3 Problem Solving & Root Cause 2 2-4
Managerial Problem Solving 2 2-4

Maintenance & TPM

Total Productive Maintenance 1 1-2 ;

 Facility Planning & Plant Layout

Facility Planning Kaizen & Training

Team discusses their site plan for a new plant in China. A five-day facility planning workshop was combined with a kaizen event.  ---Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

 SMED & Setup Reduction Kaizen

SMED Kaizen

Printing press operator practices the SMED procedures worked out by his team. Setup time was reduced by over 50% in a one-day session. --Merced, California, USA.

 Lean Workshop-Indonesia

VSM Exercise

Mr. Lee assists a team that is working through a Value Stream Mapping exercise. We try to minimize lecture and maximize applications in our seminars. ---Jakarta, Indonesia

 Lean Simulation

Lean Orientation

Worker Orientation Factory workers get final instructions from Brian Rhodes before starting their Lean Simulation. This was part of a major change to cellular manufacturing. --Texarkana, Texas, USA.

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