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Strategic Scheduling for Lean

Strategic Scheduling for Lean Manufacturing

Fundamentals & Dynamics of Scheduling

In this seminar, participants design a Lean scheduling system for their own plant.  They will integrate the six basic scheduling methods into a practical strategy for Lean Manufacturing. 

This is a unique offering that covers fundamental topics not found in the usual kanban or scheduling courses.  

Program Summary

Format Onsite Workshop Who Should Attend?
Time 2-Day Managers
Materials Managers
Production Supervisors
Cost $5500 (Includes Travel)
Participants 5-40
Next Step Call us at 816-931-1414

Participants Will Learn...

Some Basics

  • Lean Manufacturing and what it requires from scheduling.

  • How to clarify conflicting scheduling objectives.

  • To measure and track scheduling performance.

Inventory, Capacity, & Backlog

  • The role of inventory in Lean Manufacturing.

  • How scheduling can reduce the financial demands that inventory makes on your company.

  • Why excess capacity can be profitable.

  • How to determine utilization goals.

  • Why capacity decisions are strategic and NOT financial.

  • Make-To-Stock, Make-To-Order, or Assemble-To-Order.


  • The limitations of forecasting and how to overcome them.

  • How to guard against forecasting surprises.

The Science Behind Scheduling

  • Scheduling Dynamics, Chaos and feedback.

  • Why scheduling and inventory systems go berserk from chaos, oscillation and instability.

  • How the Theory of Constraints improves scheduling.

Rationalized Lot Sizing

  • How to calculate the best Lot Sizes. 

  • Why small lots ease planning & reduce inventory.

Production Scheduling Methods

  • About six basic scheduling methods and where they apply:



Period Batch Control

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Re-Order Point (ROP)

Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • How Kanban simplifies MRP and improves performance.

  • To simplify, streamline & integrate MRP.

Developing Your Strategy

  • How to select the optimum method for each process and each product group.

  • About integrating various methods into a comprehensive scheduling strategy.

  • How to develop an implementation action plan.

Program Outline

1. Introduction

What Is Scheduling?

Identify Your Objectives

How To Measure Performance

2. Forecasting

The Components of A Forecast

Forecasting Methods

How Good Is Your Forecast?

 3. Inventory, Capacity & Backlog

 Inventory Record Accuracy

The Role of Inventory


How To Measure & Define Capacity

What Capacity Should You Provide?

What Is Backlog?

Backlog, Inventory, & Capacity

Make-To-Stock, Make-To-Order, or Assemble-To-Order?

 4. Lot Sizing

What Lot Size Should You make?

How Lot Size Affects Scheduling & Inventory

5. Theory of Constraints (TOC)

Marching Exercise

The Corrupting Effects of Variability 

How To Apply TOC

6. The Dynamics of Production Systems

The Beer Game

Instability & Chaos

 7. Six Production Control Methods

What Is Kanban?

Exercise: Operating A Kanban System

How To Design A Kanban System

Re-Order Point (ROP, Min-Max)

Materials Resource Planning (MRP/ERP)

How Does MRP/ERP Work?

The Hazards of MRP/ERP

How To Make MRP More Effective

Integrating MRP/ERP With Other Methods

 8. Putting It Together

Developing Your Strategy

The Hierarchy of Methods


Backlog, Inventory & Capacity are interchangeable.

Economic Lot Sizing 


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