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Management Workshop—Lean Assessment

Lean Manufacturing Assessment

In this Lean Assessment mini-workshop, a Strategos consultant works with your management team. Together, you investigate nine key areas with respect to lean manufacturing practices.

The search for factual data begins a paradigm shift for both individuals and the organization. Through this workshop, managers begin to understand the interactions between manufacturing system elements and take the first step towards Lean Manufacturing.

Program Summary

Format Onsite Workshop Who Should Attend?
Time 2-Day Top management team:
VP - Manufacturing
VP - Finance
HR Manager
Engineering Manager
Plant Manager(s)
Cost $5500 (Includes Travel)
Participants 5-25
Next Step Call us at 816-931-1414

Participants Will Learn...

  • Why Inventory is the most basic metric

  • How to measure and evaluate Team and human-related issues

  • To view your processes in new ways that identify and highlight waste

  • Simple ways to determine if Maintenance is meeting the needs of production and where they should improve

  • How to visualize the effects of layout and material handling on operations

  • How well are your suppliers meeting your needs?

  • What is the potential for Quality improvement?

  • Can scheduling be more effective?

  • How to use the "Radar Chart" for an overall view

How It Works

The workshop requires an intense two days where participants are totally committed to workshop tasks.

  1. 1. In the first session we explain the key areas of the lean manufacturing assessment, why they are important, what data is required, and how to format the data and information.

  2. 2. Team members pursue various assignments and share the results.

  3. 3. At a second session we discuss the results and agree on additional data needs or changes.

  4. 4. At a final conference, we discuss the meaning and implications of the information.

  5. 5. We develop plans for moving forward.

The Results

  • Identify Problems and Opportunities
  • A deeper understanding of key issues,
  • Implementation Plan & consensus on that plan

Program Outline

1.0 What Data Do We Need? 

Principles of Metrics 

Nine Key Areas 


The Team Approach 



Layout & Material Handling 


Setup & Lot Size 


Production Control & Scheduling

2.0 Refining The Data

Evaluating Each Section

What Else Is Helpful?


3.0 What It Means

The Final Score

Interpreting Each Section

What Goals Are Feasible?

Where Do We Go From Here?

  workshop In Action Lean Strategy Lean Assessment radar chart

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