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Use The Past—Manage The Present—Prepare The Future

Our mature and experienced consultants offer more than just technical expertise. Through hundreds of projects we have learned how to build consensus and merge our knowledge with the more detailed knowledge of the client's personnel.

Use Consulting for:

  • Intractable-Recurring Problems.

Intractable-Recurring Problems.

When problems seem to recur every few weeks or every few years, it is a strong indication that the root cause has not been found or corrected.

We can help your team identify the root cause, develop permanent solutions. At the same time they will be learning the skills necessary for continued problem-solving.

  • Widely Diverging/Strongly Held Opinions

Widely Diverging/Strongly Held Opinions

Organizations frequently have individuals with strong, differing and/or opposing opinions. This can paralyze action or lead to conflicting actions, decisions and policies. Or, it can lead to unwise strategies.

The consultant is in a unique position to discover new facts, explore different perspectives, inspire creativity and gain consensus.

  • Too Much Agreement

Too Much Agreement

George S. Patton said "If everybody's thinking alike, nobody is thinking.

This is known as "the Abilene Paradox" and is often found in companies with strong cultures. It may come from a corporate culture that emphasizes cooperation, civility and agreement at any cost. It can also arise when a company or industry has enjoyed great success and the attitudes, techniques and values that created that success have been institutionalized but are no longer valid.

  • Once-In-A-Decade Designs

Once-In-A-Decade Designs

Some types of projects such as a new facility plan or Manufacturing Strategy development are so infrequent it is rare that a company has much in-house experience.

A consultant can help to guide such projects effectively. These types of projects ideally meld the experience and detailed knowledge of those in the company with the wider ranging experience of the consultant.

  • Developing In-House Expertise

Developing In-House Expertise

Consulting combined with training is often the best approach for developing in-house expertise. "Book learning" has its limitations and a consultant can notice subtle effects or unusual phenomena that would otherwise create problems.

This is particularly important in Cellular Manufacturing where worker attitudes and inclinations play an important role. Small changes can make the difference between success, failure or sub-optimization. Many other areas of Lean are similar in this respect.

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Training & Education


Give your people the skills to solve problems, prevent problems, take corrective action or design their workplace. We provide training that addresses the specific problems and situations they face every day. Strategos can tailor content to your company, often with a case from your own facility. The result is a trained cadre of employees and an actual:

  • Problem Solved

  • Workcell Designed

  • Value Stream Mapped

  • Process Simplified

Call us today at 816-931-1414 to explore needs, options and costs. Then, you can decide if Strategos will be right for your people.

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Our Expertise

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Manufacturing StrategyManufacturing Strategy

Forge Your Most Potent Competitive Weapon

Manufacturing Strategy

Forge Your Most Potent Competitive Weapon

Manufacturing Strategy

Manufacturing Strategy is the overall philosophy or policy that guides the design and operation of a factory. A well-thought-out Manufacturing Strategy flows from and supports marketing by optimizing those factors that bring success in the marketplace (e.g. quality, customization, price, delivery). We have been employing the work of Wickham Skinner, Wheelwright, Hill and others in practical situations for several decades. We have also seen the unfortunate results of the failure to think through strategic issues. We can assist you in the discussion, debate and development of your Manufacturing Strategy.

Lean Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing

Streamline Operations for Quality, Productivity & Speed

Lean Manufacturing

Streamline Operations for Quality, Productivity & Speed

Lean Manufacturing

Strategos consultants have been designing and implementing Lean Manufacturing for many years--before Lean was known as Lean. We have contributed to the literature of Lean through hundreds of seminars, articles and papers as well as with this website. Through this experience we have developed procedures, rules of thumb and techniques to bring Lean to industries where the concepts seemed inapplicable.

Facility Planning & Plant Layout Facility Planning & Layout

Make the Most of Space & Workflow

Facility Planning & Layout

Make the Most of Space & Workflow

Facility Planning & Plant Layout

Strategos consultants have written three of the most popular books on facilities planning. We have done hundreds of facility plans from site-level to workstation level using our systematic and structured approaches.

Cellular ManufacturingCellular Manufacturing

Integrate People, Process, Product & Technology

Cellular Manufacturing

Integrate People, Process, Product & Technology

Cellular Manufacturing

Mr. Lee has been designing and implementing workcells for more than 30 years--long before Toyota made them popular. While Toyota cells are ideally suited for Toyota, they do not work well in many non-Toyota environments. Our structured design approach helps design optimum workcells in a wide variety of environments, including many job shops.

Value Stream & Process MappingValue Stream & Process Mapping

Make Any Process Smoother, Better & Faster

Value Stream & Process Mapping

Make Any Process Smoother, Better & Faster

Value Stream & Process Mapping

Let us assist you with improving any of your processes using VSM, Process Mapping and other improvement techniques. Mr. Lee's popular book on the subject can be a starting point for your workshop or guided Kaizen Event. This is a "must" for any Lean Implementation or Workcell Design.

Warehousing & Supply ChainWarehousing & Supply Chain

Reduce Inventory, Stockouts & Space

Warehousing & Supply Chain

Reduce Inventory, Stockouts & Space

Warehousing & Supply Chain

Sims Consulting Group, a Strategos Affiliate, literally "wrote the book" on warehousing with the U.S. Navy's 800-page publication NS529. Ed Phillips is one of the foremost authorities on Warehousing, Supply Chain and Materials Handling.

Human Side of LeanThe Human Side

Leverage Your People
Human Side of Lean

The Human Side

Leverage Your People

People are an integral part of every manufacturing system. As such, their needs and limitations must be accommodated and integrated with equipment, layouts and systems for best results. We start with the Socio Technical Systems (STS) approach originated by Eric Trist to ensure that people and culture are woven into every design

Lean OfficeLean Office/Administration

Streamline Your Most Wasteful Activities

Lean Office/Administration

Streamline Your Most Wasteful Activities

Lean Office

There is nothing fundamentally different about an office. As the pioneers of Industrial Engineering such as Frank Gilbreth understood, work is work and the same principles apply to factories, offices, hospitals and every other purposeful activity. Strategos has been applying Lean methods to administrative activities and knowledge work for many years. Our projects include Maintenance, Engineering, Finance and Purchasing.

Our People

Quarterman Lee   Brad Snyder   Lourdes MenendezWill Nelson 

For more than 25 years the Strategos team has helped clients improve business operations. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, we travel the world for training and consulting. Our Associates come from varied backgrounds and, together address a wide range of business and manufacturing issues.       More About The Strategos Team>>

Our Clients

Worldwide—Multi-Industry—Small to Large

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Value Stream & Process Mapping

The Strategos Guide To Value Stream and Process Mapping goes  beyond symbols and arrows. In over 163 pages it tells the reader how to do it and what to do with it.

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