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Quarterman Lee
Quarterman Lee

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Quarterman Lee

Quarterman Lee

"Q" started his career at the fountainhead of Lean Manufacturing, Ford Motor Company. He has worked in foundries, paper mills and a window manufacturing plant in positions from Engineer to Plant Manager. Since 1977 he has been consulting, training and writing. Mr. Lee has authored two books and hundreds of articles and programs. "Q" also restores classic cars and is President of Strategos.

Brad Snyder
Brad Snyder

Brad SnyderBrad Snyder

Brad is an ASQ certified Six Sigma Black Belt. He is also an experienced consultant in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma and has worked as an employee in both manufacturing and staff positions. Brad is an enthusiastic and energetic trainer who always gets top evaluations. Brad has held positions in information systems management and has both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Bio>>

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 Lourdes Menendez
Lourdes Menendez

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Lourdes MenendezLourdes Menendez

Lourdes is our expert in Socio-Technical Systems-the integration of technical processes with human performance. She is an enthusiastic and dynamic trainer in Five-S, Team Development, Quality, Leadership and Lean Manufacturing. Ms. Menendez has held management positions in manufacturing firms. She holds a BS in Communication with a major in Industrial Engineering. Lourdes has assisted many firms to improve quality and productivity in commercial baking, construction equipment, plastics, textiles, service and other industries.

A native of Puebla, Mexico she has resided in Boston and Dallas for many years and is fluent in Spanish and English.

Will Nelson
William N. Nelson

Will NelsonWilliam Nelson

Will has over 20 years of experience in Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Human Factors and Product Development. Past work includes training for injury prevention; ergonomic job analysis, human factors, CTD analysis and workstation design. Will has an M.B.A from Rockhurst University and M.S. and B.S.M.E. degrees from Purdue University.

He was on the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team in 1978 and has been a U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Science Consultant. He has worked with Olympic athletes to optimize body dynamics.


USA, Kansas City, Missouri

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Quarterman Lee

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For more than 20 years, Quarterman Lee and the Strategos team have helped clients understand and improve business and manufacturing operations. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, we travel globally on training and consulting assignments.

  • Facilities/Layout Planning for Factories,Warehouses

  • Supply Chain & Distribution Strategy

  • Production and Industrial Engineering

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Strategy

  • Productivity Improvement

  • Materials Handling

  • Warehousing & Physical Distribution

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