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Online Seminars

Zoom meeting

Strategos Online Training

For some topics, these seminars work well and the format may even be better than an onsite classroom approach. Some advantages are:

  • Social Distancing Maintained
  • New Concepts Have Time To Gestate
  • Learning Teams Attack Real-Life, Relevant Projects
  • Team discussions, Exercises and Projects Increase Motivation
  • Instructor guides, Coaches, & adjusts the pace and content as required.
  • Schedule Is Flexible
  • Content Is Flexible

Unlike canned lectures or self-paced programs, this format provides real-time interaction with colleagues. It also provides structure and a schedule. It maintains interest and discourages procrastination.

Additional Benefits

  • No Travel

  • Less Cost

  • Real Life Projects

  • Multiple Locations

Activity CycleHow It Works

Learning Teams

We divide the participants into learning teams of 3-5 persons. Teams then work together for exercises, discussion and team projects.

Activity Cycle

1) A cycle starts in the virtual classroom with all participants. The instructor presents material, answers questions and facilitates short exercises.

2) Each learning team has homework assignments consisting of exercises or a project from the participant's work area. Teams submit assignments before the next online session.

3) The instructor reviews assignments and debriefs at the next session.

Arrange A Workshop

Three Easy Steps

Successful training starts with "learning objectives" and an "audience analysis." The issues are not always self-evident, but we can help you clarify them with with a few relevant questions.

Phone Strategos

Call us for an exploratory conversation. We will ask some basic questions about your situation, objectives and the proposed participants. We will also discuss possible formats and content.

Training Proposal

Review our proposal. We will email a proposal in a day or so. It may be exactly what you want. Or, it may be a basis for further discussion between us or with your colleagues. If and when you are ready we...

Lean Training

Set the dates. You can suggest some possible dates; we fit these with our upcoming schedule. We can usually find mutually dates within the following 2-6 weeks.

Call us today at 816-931-1414 ( or send an email) to explore needs, options and costs. Then, you can decide if Strategos will be right for your people and your situation.

Available Online Programs

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