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Master Site Planning & Development

How To Plan Your Site for The Long Term 

Companies often occupy a site for decades and, occasionally, for centuries. During such time spans a firm may experience growth and significant changes in product and process. The future may be foggy but it will arrive and someone will have to cope with it.

A well thought out site plan accommodates such changes while maximizing the utilization of land, buildings and capital. Conversely, a site that develops piecemeal and from expediency hinders operations, increases cost and devours capital unnecessarily.

Von Moltke

Helmut von Moltke

"No plan survives contact with the enemy."

Effective site plans arise from methodical, rational design procedures. Chapter 6 of Mr. Lee's book, "Facilities and Workplace Design" details these procedures. This book is available as a scanned download of the original publication.

While it is impossible to see clearly decades into the future, it is surprising how much we can see and how well we can plan. The key is to develop plans that are flexible enough to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities and address unforeseen problems.

The site below provided many planning challenges. Among these challenges:

1) It faces a busy thoroughfare and needs a good image.

2) Residential areas to the North require consideration.

3) The land slopes significantly and a stream runs through it.

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Facilities & Workplace Design

Quarterman Lee, Arild Amundsen, William Nelson & Herbert Tuttle

One might well criticize the original selection of this site. However, like many sites, it was a given and the designers had to work with it.

The site plan reflects an explicit Manufacturing Strategy. Some of the key points that affected site planning were: 1) Separate Strategic Business Units (SBU) for Foundry, Machine Shop, Spares and the two Assembly Operations. 2) A separate, small Corporate Headquarters. 3) Significant seasonal inventories for Implements. 4) Consideration for the image and needs of neighbors.

Space Planning Color CodeAdditional Site Planning Example

This example shows how a site for manufacturing vinyl extruded products was planned for a logical four-stage expansion to full capacity.


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Master Site Plan Example

High Plains Implements

Master Site Plan

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