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Planning The Training for Lean

When and How to Develop the Plan 

The Training Plan & Lean Strategy

Lean training should not be an afterthought though, it frequently is. Lean fails more often over human issues than technical errors and training is one way to cope with human issues. Training is essential to develop the required knowledge and skills for Lean Manufacturing. It also helps develop a corporate culture that is conducive to and enables that lean strategy. 

The development of a company training plan that covers essential skills for all employees should be a part of every Lean Strategy and the implementation plans for that strategy.

People will normally need training in three areas:

How To Develop A Training Plan

1. Determine which elements of Lean Manufacturing are applicable and prioritize

2. Categorize the people into logical groups with similar training needs

3. Identify programs and time requirements for each program

4. Construct a matrix (as shown)

5. Determine resources (In-House or external)

6. Determine the timeframe for implementation by area and/or personnel category

7. Develop an initial schedule

When To Train for Lean Manufacturing

Training should address the who, when and how as well as content. Lessons unrelated to work are ignored; too-early lessons forgotten; too-late lessons resented.

People rapidly forget the information from formal learning unless they begin to use it right away. After two weeks, most people retain about 30% of learning. It is important, therefore, to conduct training immediately before the trainees will begin to use their new information and skills. This is especially true for subjects such as SPC and Teamwork.

Some training, provides background information and skills that will be necessary through the entire journey to Lean Manufacturing. Leadership and introductory programs are examples. Such training is normally done near the beginning of an implementation but timing is not usually critical.

Other training is specific to certain implementation steps such as Setup Reduction (SMED) or commissioning of a workcell team. Here, timing is critical and training should occur immediately before a particular task begins. 

A Training Plan Example

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