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Training Kit-Overview of Lean

Overview of Lean

Training Kit From Enna, Inc.

With this package, your own instructor has everything necessary for an internal program that introduces Lean Manufacturing to all employees. 

The program addresses the history and components of Lean with eye-popping graphics. It includes a simulation that demonstrates how the system produces order- of- magnitude benefits and an exercise to demonstrate waste in each employee's department. 

Format Training Kit from Enna  Who Should Attend
Time 1-3 Day

 All Employees

Cost $349.99
Participants (n/a) 
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Participants Will Learn...

  • What Lean Manufacturing is and where it came from.

  • About the components of Lean, how they reduce waste and how they work together as a system. 

  • How to identify hidden waste in your operations and what to do about it.

  • About feeling the excitement and challenge of a Lean environment. 

Program Outline

1. Overview of Lean Manufacturing 

Background & History -- Components of Lean

Lead Time Reduction -- Takt Time 

Flow Production -- Pull Systems

One Piece Flow -- Intelligent Automation

Quality -- Mistake Proofing

Level Loading -- Mixed Model Production

2. The 7 Wastes

Defects -- Inventory -- Processing

Waiting -- Motion -- Transport -- Overproduction

3. Simulation & Exercise

  • Factory Flow Simulation

  • Avro Arrow Airplane Co.

  • Business Overview

  • Production Schedule

  • Manufacturing Process

  • Running the Avro Factory

  • Measuring The Results

4. The 7 Wastes Exercise

Observing The Areas - Identifying Waste - Reporting The Results

  • Facilitator Guide (1)-- Comprehensive facilitator guide makes instruction easy.

  • Preparation Guide (1)-- Helps the instructor to systematically prepare. It includes timing, scheduling, workshop details.

  • Facilitator Digital Media CD (1)-- Dynamic visual presentation that goes far beyond PowerPoint in graphics and quality. 

  • Flow Simulation Application (1)-- Interactive program that works with the simulation to display the results.

  • Participant Workbooks (8)-- Combines information, illustrations, key questions, and space for notes. Includes a self assessment.

  • 7 Wastes Observation Form (1)-- Forms for waste observation exercise.

  • Just In Time: Poster (1)-- Full color visual aid.

  • 7 Wastes of Operations: Poster (1)-- Full color visual aid & reminder. 

  • Replenishment Materials-- Additional workbooks, forms and posters are available.

Lean Overview Kit

Cost: $349.99

Order at:  www.enna.com

"Overview of Lean" Solution Package

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