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Training Kit—Cycle Counting & Inventory Accuracy

Cycle Counting & Inventory Accuracy

Train Your Own Cycle Counters

Accurate inventory records are attainable. This seminar not only explains how, it guides your team through the design of an inventory accuracy program for your facility. Your team will decide how to:

Program Summary

Format Training Kit Who Should Attend?
Time 1/2-Day Cycle Counters
Warehouse Supervisors
Production Supervisors
Warehouse Employees
Cost $250 (Includes Travel)
Participants 5-50
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Guide To Cycle Counting-Training Edition
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This Downloadable Training Kit Includes...

*You will also need a few inexpensive, common grocery-store items for the major exercise.

Participants Will Learn...

  • Reducing the pain with Cycle Counting.

  • What it is and why it works.

  • The fundamental statistical principles that underlie cycle counting.

  • To determine procedures for cycle counting and fixing errors.

  • How to determine the number of cycle counts and people per day.

  • Why finding the cause of an error is more important than the error.

  • Find and fix the Root Causes of errors.

  • About easy and Accurate Physical Inventories.

  • How to prepare for a physical inventory.

  • Using count teams for speed and accuracy.

  • To measure progress and adjust their program as required.

Program Outline

1.0 The Importance of Inventory Accuracy

What Is Inventory Accuracy?

Financials & Inventory Accuracy

Operational Efficiency

Customer Service

2.0 Measuring Inventory Record Accuracy

Calculating Inventory Accuracy

ABC Classes & Count Tolerances

ABC Exercise

Setting an IRA Target

Achieving High Inventory Accuracy

Cycle Counting & Physical Inventory

3.0 The Physical Inventory (Audit)

Accuracy with Physical Inventory

A Typical Physical Inventory Plan

Tags and Count Sheets

Nine Ways to Increase Efficiency

Counting Teams

4.0 Cycle Counting

What Is Cycle Counting?

Statistical Sampling

Confidence Belt Exercise

How Many Counts Per Week?

Estimating Workload

Increasing Efficiency & Effectiveness


5.0 Error Reduction & Process Improvement

Cause & Effect Chart

Inaccurate Record Causes

Pareto Charts

Six Steps To Process Charts

Process Improvement Exercise

6.0 Into Action

Using A Control Group

Planning The Program

7.0 Summary & Close


Guide To Cycle Counting-Training Edition

The Strategos Guide To Cycle Counting & Inventory Accuracy

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