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5S Training Kit

5S Training Kit

Everything Needed for Internal Training

With this package, your own instructor has everything necessary for an internal program that teaches and demonstrates Five-S principles and practice to employees on the shop floor. 

The program shows how 5S reduces waste at the micro-level and encourages every employee to review their work activities. It is much more than a classroom exercise. The majority of the time is spent practicing and doing in the participant's own work areas. 

The three days of learning and doing results in a clean, organized and efficient workplace.

Program Summary


Live Onsite

Who Should Attend?


All employees





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Participants Will Learn...

  • How 5S improves the workplace.

  • Why 5S makes for easier tasks.

  • How to sort through the junk and avoid the "packrat" syndrome.

  • Finding the optimum location for each item.

  • Standardizing your work to avoid errors.

  • "How clean is clean?" and why Mother was right.

  • How to evaluate a workplace.

  • Photos and Mapping For Efficiency

  • Using the Red Tags to eliminate junk.

  • How to keep from backsliding.

Program Outline

1. Introduction

  • The Five S's

  • Five S and Visual Systems

  • Benefits of Five S

  • How Five S Eliminates Waste

2. Putting 5S To Work

  • Sort

  • Straighten

  • Sweep

  • Standardize

  • Sustain

3. Five S and Teamwork

  • 5S Evaluation Team

  • 5S Photography Team

  • 5S Mapping Teams

  • Red Tag Register

  • Action Log

  • Sustainment Schedule

  • 5S Board

4. 5S Kaizen Project

Executing The Project

Management Presentation

Training Kit Contents

  • Facilitator Guide (1)-- Comprehensive facilitator guide makes instruction easy.

  • Preparation Guide (1)-- Helps the instructor to systematically prepare. It includes timing, scheduling, workshop details.

  • Facilitator Digital Media CD (1)-- Dynamic visual presentation that goes far beyond PowerPoint in graphics and quality. 

  • Participant Workbooks (8)-- Combines information, illustrations, key questions, and space for notes. Includes a self assessment.

  • 7 Wastes of Operations: Poster (1)-- Full color visual aid & reminder. 

  • 5S Poster (1)-- to reinforce learning.

  • 5S Red Tags-- identify unneeded items.

  • 5S Red Tag Register (1-Pad)-- forms for recording disposal of unnecessary items.

  • 5S 30 Day Action Log (1-Pad)-- to track continuing activities and accomplishments.

  • 5S Map (1-Pad)-- forms to sketch areas and identify opportunities.

  • 5S Sustainment Schedule (1-Pad)-- forms to schedule regular activities.

  • 5S Evaluation & Review (1-Pad)-- Checklist and form to evaluate areas.

  • Replenishment Materials-- Additional workbooks, forms and posters are available.

A Personal Note

Quarterman LeeBasic skill training for many employees is a part of Lean Strategy. While  Strategos offers such programs, Training Kits from Enna, Inc. provide an option for internal training. 

Enna's packages are professionally prepared, convenient and cost-effective. They enable a regular employee, with basic knowledge and presentation skills to conduct effective training.

Quarterman Lee

President, Strategos, Inc.

5S Training Kit

Cost: $429.99

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