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Lean Implementation Project Plan

An Example 

Implementation Project Example

Here is a very simple example of a Phase I implementation that illustrates the principles. It anticipates three workcells. Each workcell will require Rapid Setup (SMED), kanban production control, Total Quality and Team development.

In addition, the plan anticipates a more general supplier development effort that, eventually brings suppliers into the kanban system.

The Gantt chart shows a timeframe for each activity. The workcells are sequential. The more general supplier development and kanban is essentially separate.

This schedule limits the number of tasks that a particular department must undertake at any one time.

Implementation project plan

Departmental Loading Chart

The chart shows, for each department, tasks that require their heavy involvement. Note that no group has a heavy involvement with more that two simultaneous tasks.


Every Lean Manufacturing implementation is unique because every factory is unique. The originators of Lean Manufacturing, placed in different circumstances, would have developed different solutions.

The keys to success include: a fundamental approach, systems thinking, leadership, a flair for strategy and recognition of the practical limits on resources.

Implementation Workload Chart

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