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Leadership For Lean Manufacturing

Transformational Leadership

Activities & Competencies

Visionary, inspiring and daring are words that describe the Transformational Leader. These are the people that revive failing companies. They lead other firms into a future that is very different than their past.

Transformational Leaders have lofty goals and high ideals. They are seen as people of high integrity.

Relational Leaders gain commitment through participative problem-solving. Transformational Leaders creates even greater commitment through shared values in addition to participation.

This sort of transformation requires a wide-ranging re-examination of the organization's purpose, structure and culture by many individuals and groups within. Such re-examination requires discussion and serious debate. People do not accept new values just because the leader tells them to do so.

The Transformational Leader guides this debate. He/she establishes the context and rules for constructive conflict and dialogue. In hundreds of places and thousands of meetings, people begin to operationalize new values.

Henry Ford-Business Leader

Great Leaders- Henry Ford put the world on wheels.

Personal Characteristics

Transformational Leaders are assertive risk-takers who seize opportunities. They are also systems thinkers who understand the interactions of people, technology and culture.

Such leaders often have an additional trait which we will consider separately: personal charisma.

Application Level

Transformational Leadership lends itself to the most difficult, complex and vague organizational problems. These are the adaptive problems that require re-thinking of the organization's structure, values and culture.

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  Level Activities & Competencies Personal Characteristics


  • All of Level II +...
  • Frames Holistic Issues
  • Sets New Goals & Direction
  • Creates Meaning
  • Manages Creative Conflict
  • Promotes Organizational Learning
  • Creates A Context for Dialogue
  • Manages Paradigms
  • Creates Commitment Through Shared Values
  • Self Confident
  • Assertive
  • Seizes Opportunities
  • Tolerates Risk
  • Uses Systems Thinking


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