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Minimizing Instability & Chaos In Scheduling

Practical Tips for Stabilization 

To minimize chaos and instability, we must deal with root causes. The table summarizes these root causes and common preventive strategies. Note that Kanban, by its nature, addresses most of the root causes.

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Cause Prevention Tactics
Time Delays
  • Enter Transactions Immediately

  • Reduce Batches & Queues

  • No Arbitrary Increases On Orders

  • Eliminate Overproduction

  • Order/Build Frequently In Small Batches

  • Restructure Feedback Loops

  • Disseminate Information Widely

  • Correct Variations Immediately

  • Cellular Manufacturing

  • Simplify The Process

  • Flatten BOMS

  • Employ TQM

  • Simplify Product Mix

  • Implement Kanban

  • Close Min-Max Points

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