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Strategos Guide To Value Stream & Process Mapping

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Value Stream Mapping Guide-Book

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Quarterman Lee has been a renowned expert in the field of manufacturing improvement for many years. His latest work, Value Stream and Process Mapping, is the most comprehensive and practical book on the subject to date. Value stream and process mapping are both critical tools to a successful lean transformation, and this book is truly an implementation guide that includes many of the details that are not found in other works on the subject.

Darren Dolcemascolo
EMS Consulting Group, Inc.

The book is very good in its content, the best I read so far on explaining VSM for starters.

Eyad Hylooz
Production Manager
Hikma Pharmaceuticals

I loved the cartoon style graphics- it made it fun to read & easy to understand. Nice way to introduce Lean to people who are not familiar with lean. Good training material! I look forward to the Kanban book since I know you will use the same style to convey your messages - I will buy same. Thank you . Nice job!

Jim McCarthy
Lean Champion

I was impressed with the simplicity of design and yet very informative. It was a great purchase!

Bob Norfield
Lean Quality

Very useful great use of tools and guides in the appendices

Stephanie Watson
RMO Project Manager
Waitemata District Health Board
Auckland New Zealand

Clean and concise. A great primer for someone learning this topic.

William V. Grebenik
Panthera Solutions, Inc.

I thought it was very useful. Simple and clear to understand.

Kurtis Jetsel
Sr. Manager

Well developed and with a to-the-point style

Quality Systems Consultant
Specialized Industrial & Management Systems

The Guide to Value Stream Mapping would be helpful as a starting point for Value Stream Mapping or as a companion to other guidebooks. This book has some helpful tips on facilitating group VSM exercises - not just how to draw the diagrams - and helps put VSMs in the greater lean context, with photos and examples of related lean practices - instead of focusing on doing VSMs for the sake of doing VSMs.

Mark Graban

Good resource, well organized. Will keep it "on top" for a long while, I expect.

Roy F. Deshazer
Vice President
Full Circle Enterprises, Inc.

Very easy and to the point. Well displayed very easy understanding.

Jack Lindsay
Multiple site Plant Manager
Reynolds Food Packaging

Well written, with clear objectives and goals,

Chris marks
Whitlock Steering

A book like this on VSM was definitely needed

Pekka Einisto
Senior Consultant
Laatukeskus Excellence

This is a good source for studying about VSM.

Murat Tosun
Mechanical Engineer

Great, very useful, down to earth, easy to understand and apply.

Bob Healy
Strategic Impact

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Value Stream & Process Mapping

The Strategos Guide To Value Stream and Process Mapping goes  beyond symbols and arrows. In over 163 pages it tells the reader how to do it and what to do with it.

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